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When you film a sex scene, what are the challenges there?

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"Is it usual? What there is between us when I touch you?

"Is it usual? What there is between us when I touch you?

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Does it ever stop?

The wanting you…

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"The relationship between the two of them off-screen, you see them just very affectionate with each other, very caring with each other, so that’s lovely and kind of infuses the relationship between Jamie and Claire."

—Anne Kenney

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Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe / “Outlander” ET Canada photoshot.

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I guess I was a little nervous. But it always seems to be that when we get down to rehearsing it or talking about it, the sooner you immerse yourself in the characters and where they’re at, the pressure goes because you just have to be honest in that situation. That situation is that this is new for Jamie and for Claire, as well. It was great to be working with Cait. She’s fun, and she’s very relaxed. We were there for each other, so we sort of got through it together. {x}

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